Malaga Carnival

Thursday, February 1: Gran Cantera Gala at the Cervantes Theater. Tickets can now be purchased for four euros.

Friday, February 2: Grand Final of the Official Singing Group Competition at the Cervantes theater. Tickets are now on sale.

Saturday, February 3: The Malaga Carnival begins in the street. That day the proclamation is scheduled, by the carnival member Máximo Gómez Padilla; and the election of the God Momo and Goddess of Carnival.

Sunday, February 4: More gastronomic and carnival festivals. In the morning the Carnival Berzas will be held in Cruz de Humilladero starting at 1:00 p.m. Previously, at 12:00 in the Plaza de la Constitución, Manuela Ruiz and Nacho López will give the children’s proclamation and the Children’s Princes and Gods will be chosen. In the afternoon the Grand Parade is planned through the streets of the Center. The entertainment groups will begin their tour from the Explanada de Santo Domingo and will end in the Plaza de la Merced.

Friday, February 9: The party returns, although it has not gone, to the historic center with different activities and performances, among which the Drag Queens Grand Gala in the Plaza de la Constitución stands out. An event that is consolidated year after year with a large influx of public. This year it will feature a performance by ‘Butchqueens’.

Saturday, February 10: The last holiday Saturday will be the big costume day. At 12:00 in the Plaza de la Constitución the prizes will be awarded in the usual Children’s Contest. Also in the morning, the gastronomic and song festival will take place in El Palo starting at 1:00 p.m. There will be noodles for attendees and songs. There will be no shortage of more activities throughout the day in the Center such as the Parade of animation groups and Gods from the Plaza de la Constitución to Calle Granada. If there is something to highlight this Saturday it will be the Battle of Flowers on Larios Street and the big costume night in the Plaza de la Constitución, where there will be performances and the most original will be chosen with a concert whose theme will be ’80s La Movida ‘

Sunday, February 11: Last day of the Malaga Carnival. There will be a large boqueroná in the Plaza de la Constitución and the Burial of the Boquerón will be celebrated, a procession that will leave from Larios Street and conclude at La Malagueta beach, where the boquerón will be burned. There will be an end to almost a month of songs, laughter, joy, streamers and a lot of fun. Previously, on the last morning, the awards will be given to the Animation Groups, there will be a Parade of Gods and a Copla Contest. The parade of groups and animation and Gods will take place prior to the Burial of Boquerón, scheduled for 5:30 p.m.