Motorcycle Charity Lunch

Definitive poster!!! Charity event. Loaded with humanity, respect, talent and the best environment they can offer you.

The 8 charity events in one year support our good reputation.

Are you into photos on the networks? Or are you empathetic and supportive? SHOW IT. ACT, COLLABORATE, LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD!!!

If you are empathetic at heart, you will come!! If you only face the gallery, you will make excuses. Come on!!!! That I am Down. And you??

Come with your socks changed and you will be entered into the drawing for a motorcycle helmet. Children or Down people do not pay. 3 music bands collaborate and it is suitable for all audiences.

Enjoy being empathetic and supportive.

with family, alone, with friends or discovering an exciting world.

LET’S GO!!! Show who you really are!!